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Detailing University February 11-12-13 2020

Supercar Polishing , Coating Techniques

This is a training for everyone who wishes to improve their skills on polishing and learn how to
apply Nanolex ceramic coatings on soft or hard clear coats or to be nanolex approved detailer.
The purpose of the training is to instruct the best detailing procedures to Detailers of all
experiences, using Nanolex products. The training is carried out over 3 days, so that instructors
can physically monitor the progress of trainees.
In practice process we demonstrate the correct way of application and then each trainee should
try-work under our guidance.
2-3 hours with regular breaks.


Introduction and theory from Florian Kessler and Dr Andreas Neuner about Nanolex car
care product line and upcoming products many of which we will try.
Lesson on marketing & economics.
A.Pre-work Vehicle inspection
B.Vehicle preparation
Pre wash, shampoo, decontamination, engine bay, door shuts, wheels and tar removal.
Vehicle should then be returned into the workshop for next step.
Full vehicle clay bar, followed by Glass Polish on all windows, explaining the checks to
be made for Polycarbonate, and explaining why masking is important.
Return the vehicle to wash area, final wash down with Pre-wash or Pure shampoo, return
vehicle to workshop and dry.
C.Vehicle preparation for polishing.
Once dried, a full wipe down with EX to remove any lasting surfactants or clay residue.
At this point, it is advised to allow Detailers to mask up the vehicle. Guidance may be
required to point out vulnerable areas.
D.Introduction to polishing system, pads and machinery.
We can do some practice on test panels with all types of pads and all types of polishing



A.Cutting, polishing and finishing stage with Nanolex Polishing System.
We demonstrate the correct way of using nanolex polishing system and then each
trainee should finish one panel under our guidance which we will then inspect and value.
B.Preparation for coatings.
Depending on the extent of polishing, it may be possible to take the vehicle outside for a
final gentle wash with Pre-Wash concentrate to clear all dust and oils.
Once vehicle is dry, allow detailers to wipe down car with EX, showing good wipe
technique and cloth inspection to minimise paint damage.
C.Application of Coatings.
This module allows the trainer to explain the best methods in application of Nanolex Si3D
BC. Trainer will demonstrate the correct methods on the hood of the car, then allow the
detailers to carry on and coat the rest of the vehicle. Trainer should monitor all detailers
at this point and give guidance where needed.
Once BC has been applied, we have a 2 hours window to talk through any problems with
applications that may be faced.
● High spots
● Scratching
● Greasy spreading
● Paint softening
We then go on the Si3D(HD) application in the same way. Demo on hood, then allow
detailers to coat rest of car.
Nanolex Optimizer
Demonstration, using it as an aid on soft-sticky clear coats.



A.Nanolex Glass Ultra Application.
Trainer will demonstrate on windscreen, then allow detailers to coat rest of glass. Give
guidance where necessary.
B.Interior Detailing
In this module, we explain the correct methods of using Nanolex interior products, and
also talk through best equipment and techniques for vehicle interior.
Leather cleaning, fragile surfaces (piano black, and Alcantara), switchgear detailing and
glass cleaning.
Once complete, we can demonstrate the use of Nanolex Interior Dressing & Textile and
Leather sealant.
C.During this final module, we explain the importance of inspecting the coatings, what to
look for, and the use of SiFinish to protect against waterspotting.
Also introduce the Nanolex LSP products, like Tire and Rubber and Trim Rejuvenator.
Allow detailers to use products to finalise the detail, and carry out final inspection.
Take group, and individual photos of detailers with certificates, allow time for any final



Do not miss the opportunity to BE ONE OF THE BEST.

The cost is 600€, limited seats.
Places can be booked online using the subscription form below.
However, the place is reserved when the fees are paid in full.
The training fee will be 600€ including catering during the day and Nanolex Detailing University apparel.

We are looking forward to seeing you in February 2020

Florian , Andreas and Mike.


You can book your room here :Motel One , Leonardo Hotel